Pre Game

Pregame Nidaros Domers

Vikings faces their last leauge game this year. If the bezerkers win this game, they will be leauge champions. But Nidaros Domers never goes down easy and has allways been physical.

Written by Gaute Moseby Engebretsen. Photo by Unknown. Published on 17.06.2011, 23:57.

It all comes down to the last game of the season - as it should. With a win in Trondheim Oslo Vikings will claim its 1st Norwegian ”seriemesterskap” in 10 years. Wow, that is a long time.

The Domers will play for pride and will not hand over nothing for free. In those 10 years we've claimed the cup once and the silver 6 times. The Norwegian series has been difficult for the Vikings. With participation in Europe and som great wins along the way we still have not been able to reclaim the Norwegian throne

The decade has seen a club rebulding after a dominant end of the 90's and only some serious work by a group of dedicated berserks in the board room and on the field has made this turnaround possible.

We wish the boyz safe journey to Trondheim and happy hunting

Go Vikings

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