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The Oslo Vikings and Crossfit Oslo have been working along side each other as part of the Vikings offseason program.

Written by Alexander Moe, Vikings Media. Photo by Vikings Media. Published on 15.12.2011, 23:53.

Oslo, Nor. The Oslo Vikings and Crossfit Oslo have been working along side each other as part of the Vikings offseason program. This collaboration has shown to provide all teams within the organization a great fundamentally sound approach in terms of staying in overall shape, and prepparing both body and mind for the upcoming NIAF Division 1 2012 season.

To be best suited for what in the world of Crossfit is reffered to as "wod's" (also know as "workout of the day") , the Vikings went through a 12 workout on-ramp program, where both technique, strength and endurance was developed. As soon as the "wod's" started, you could see it on every players facial expressions that this was something that was going to pay off in the near future, and most importantly players reflecting that this is something worth committing to and believing in.

"The Oslo Vikings came to us with the will to further develop themselves, and has since we started in September proved they posses a hard work ethic. We at Crossfit Oslo have provided the contextual part of a training regimen, tailored specifically for what football players need both individually, and as a team." Christian Ytterbøl, Head Coach at Crossfit Oslo said.

From the left: Robert Mehmet Mulleng Sezer and Nicolay Aslaksen doing a WOD at Crossfit Oslo.

Crossfit Oslo will soon also be the only gym in Norway with a 220 sq. meter artificial turf area, which provides possibilities to work on sport specific footwork drills, where athletes who perform their respective sport on this type of surface will be able to wear their cleats indoors on snowy and cold winter days. The combination of sport specific training, while also getting to do sled, heavy rope and prowler work is will also be available.

"My experiences with training here at Crossfit Oslo has been good... and tough! With good guidance and expertise along the way." Runningback Lorenzo Proctor said. "We get to come in and learn something new every day, while also getting the chance to train together as a team, where getting the job done while also having a good time, joking and laughing both together and at each other." He added.

"To me. The best part of this training regimen is how this has benefited us as a team. And now that the on-ramp sessions are done, and wod's is starting to become a bigger part of our training it is going to be interesting to see how we will look as a team by the time the season starts." Strong Safety, Martin Ofoghi said.

The Vikings will continue their offseason work after a short Christmas break. Were both Crossfit Oslo and the Vikings will be looking forward to continue the ongoing offseason collaboration towards the upcoming season, where the Vikings Senior team kick off at home against the Bergen Storm on April 21st, in 126 days from today.

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