Game Report

Vikings first roadtrip ends in victory!

Oslo Vikings travelled to Stavanger to take on the AFC Show in the fourth round of the Norwegian series.

Written by Gaute Moseby Engebretsen. Photo by Gaute Moseby Engebretsen. Published on 07.06.2012, 00:46.

Vikings are solid. AFC Show struggled with their run game.

Not really sure of what to read out of some surprising results for the Stavanger team, Oslo Vikings played the professional game and assumed that we were going to meet a good team and prepared accordingly. The game would be played on natural grass another factor that usually slows down the game and in strong windy conditions. Vikings started off a bit rusty but soon found their natural pace. A lucky shot over the middle on an all out blitz from the vikes gave the Show an early lead.

#47 Jeppe Okholm making a tackle at AFC Show's runningback.

Vikings answered immediately with a character driven drive that were capped off with a #33 Nicolay Aslaksen dive up the middle. The Vikings defence shut the door and controlled the game to give the offence multiple scoring opportunities even taking one for them selves with #47 Jeppe Okholm and his third TD of the season.

Derek Mann had a great game and connected twice with #8 Brandon Weekes with a fantastic 60 yard pass and quick slant 5 yards both for TD's in the first half.

#33 Nicolay Aslaksen, #7 Vegard Tysse and #3 Lorenzo Proctor pounded the Show defence with hard running behind a great O line and Lorenzo #3 added another TD to his collection. Even #2 Derek Mann showed us some Canadian shuffle on some tough running for 1st downs.

Vikes added another 2 TD's after halftime to make the score 38-7 in the end. Vikings return home to Frogner to face 1814s in their next game June 9th at 17.00.

Should be a barn burner. Stay tuned.

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