Game Report

Vikings Series Champions 2012!

Vikings win over the 1814's and now series champions 2012 with still one more game to go. Oslo Vikings 55, Eidsvoll 1814's 23.

Written by Gaute Moseby Engebretsen. Photo by Thomas Ruud Kvehaugen. Published on 13.06.2012, 13:00.

MVP of the game, #8 Brandon Weekes making his way on Eidsvoll's territory. (Photo by Thomas Ruud Kvehaugen)

It was this time of the year when your hard work in the off season is put to the test. Our long time rivals Eidsvoll came to visit our stronghold at Frogner Stadion. Vikings have not lost a game at here in two years and were not about to this time either. A decent crowd were expecting a barn burner and were not dissapointed when #2 Derek Mann connected with #5 Eric Ford for a 12 yard TD in the first quarter.

2 quarter had just started when a fever ridden #2 Derek Mann decided to run the ball in himself. 12 yard TD. 1814's hit back immediately with long pass to get on the board and a field goal to make it 14-10. This was the closest they would come during the game. Vikings turned on the pace and scored on a 8 yard run by #3 Lorenzo Proctor and a 22 yard pass to #8 Brandon Weekes. Vikings entered the locker rooms with a 27 – 10 lead.

Interception by #47 Jeppe Okholm. (Photo by Thomas Ruud Kvehaugen)

In the 3 quarter, game mvp #8 Brandon Weekes, caught an interception that he returned all the way for his 2nd TD of the day. The Vikings pass game was on fire in this game and #5 Eric Ford caught a 62 yard pass TD foollowed up by a 50 yard catch for TD by #8 Brandon Weekes.

In the 4th quarter, #33 Nicolay Aslaksen, put the nail in the coffin with a 3 yard run.

Our Young berserks beat Kolbotn Hunters 125 – 0 the same day. Both teams won homefield advantage in the play offs. Vikings travel to Trondheim for their last regular season game of 2012 to face the Domers. Stay tuned for more info on the playoffs...

We want to give a specail thanks to Thomas Ruud Kvehaugen for letting us use his photos.

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