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Last roadtrip for the Vikings ends in victory

Oslo Vikings travelled to Trondheim for their last game of the regular season and brings home another victory 55-12 to make it an undefeated one.

Written by Gaute Moseby Engebretsen. Photo by . Published on 24.06.2012, 20:54.

The Oslo Vikings travelled up by bus and had a sleep over just outside Trondheim on Friday. The sun really doesnt go down in Norway at the moment and the boyz enjoyed seaside view and fresh mountain air. Not the worst way to get ready once theyre already on the road!

The game were to be played at Death Valley Stadium, close to the campus of the NTNU Trondheim Technical University.

Domers QB Dustin Hawke was back after injury and the berserks were looking forward to an interesting game.

Domers came out with a spread offence and almost zero running game and started spreading the ball in a no huddle offence.

Vikings started with several rookie players, Bror Jahre and Einar Langnes jr, in the backfield and they were really put to the test in this game. Both played well and Jahre showcased some talent by tallying an interception on the day!

Due to other commitments and injuries the Vikes traveled with few linemen but DE Alexander Moe stepped up and played ironman football recording 5 sacks to his impressive total of 9 quarterback sacks over the course of the 6 games in the 2012 regular season. Viking spirit!

Vikings offence was on fire in the first quarter and soon built up a lead starting with a 60 yard TD on the ground by Lorenzo Proctor #3. This inspired grand old man Nicolay Aslaksen #33 who pounded in the next and also added on all the extra points of the day.

The Canadian connection Derek and Brandon wanted a piece of the action and added a a couple of beauties in the air to make it 21-0 and 27-0.

The Domers struck back with a great drive by #18 quarterback Dustin Hawke's TD pass to Domers Wide Receiver #7 to make it 27-6.

Big up to the Domers for figthing for 4 quarters and making it an interesting game!

Team Canada added on 2 more TD's and Lorenzo Proctor added on another 2 TD's on the ground later in the game, making the final score 55 - 12.

In other news:

Our U16 team travelled to Lillestrøm to take on the Starfighters and went home with another donut and the series championship in the bag. 70-0.

Coach Vincent Pryme and staff have really taken U16 football in Norway to the next level.

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