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With the Oslo Vikings Booster Club we want to create a community for everyone who would like to support the club. A community where you can meet with other people who have an affiliation with the club – or who simply love the sport!

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  • Oslo Viking Booster Bronze — 500 NOK per year
  • Oslo Viking Booster Silver — 1000 NOK per year
  • Oslo Viking Booster Gold — 2500 NOK per year
  • Oslo Viking Booster Platinum — 5000 NOK or more per year

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Join today!
We thank our current booster’s for their support!
Christian Paulsboe
Henrik Kåre Dahl
David Gregory Ingram
Ståle Frausing
Anne Cecile Kjelling
Andreas Begby
Nicolay Aslaksen
Eddy Bourne
Arne Rønning
Anne Cathrine Haug Jørgensen
Helge Eiding
John-Arild Martinsen Castberg
Tommy Nordahl Lund
Kirsten Paulsboe
Jan Jørgensen
Helle Charlotte Begby
Stig Andre Moe Jensen
Finn-Jarle Lund Mathisen
Brent Holden Berglund
Carol Berglund
Ole Petter Nyhaug
Kristin Larsen
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