Oslo Vikings Awards Night 2018


2018 Oslo Vikings Awards Night




With over 100 people in attendance, the Oslo Viking organization came together under one roof to celebrate the accomplishments of the 2018 season. Awards and recognition were given out for all age groups. In years past, we have not done an entire “club” awards night. It has been done separately by each team. We felt it was a good idea to bring everyone together for one night of celebration and recognition.


MC Aleksander Andric

MC Aleksander Andric


Our MC for the night was long time Vikings player Aleksander Andric. Aleksander has been a member of the club for nearly 10 years. Aleksander started playing with our youth programs and has moved his way up and played the last 6 years for our senior program. In between playing youth football for the Vikings, Aleksander played and studied at the University of Huston before coming back to be a member of our senior team. We would like to thank you for doing such an amazing job as our MC!


U 15 Award Winners

Team MVP Peter Cappelen
Offensive MVP Davis Saunders
Defensive MVP Simen Wendelborg
Linemen of the year Sander Kråkmo
Most Improved Peder Hellesylt
Rookie of the year Philip Thillesen

U 17 Award Winners

Team MVP Olav Lisæth
Offensive MVP Axel Kleiven
Defensive MVP Gaute Gunleiksrud
Linemen of the year Sander Kråkmo
Most Improved Omar Khan
Rookie of the year Peter Cappelen
Special teams Marius Borch


U 19 Award Winners

Team MVP Aleksander Thomas
Offensive MVP Offensive Line
Defensive MVP Jehad Timraz
Linemen of the year Petter Frausing
Most Improved Waziri Semboja
Rookie of the year Frans Åsheim
Special teams Magnus Meyer


Division 2 Seniors Award Winners

Team MVP Nikolas Weise
Offensive MVP Desmond Baden
Defensive MVP Robin Kalborg
Most Improved Antony Mukuria
Rookie of the year Johan Schage
Special teams Bart Weeren
Linemen of the year Craig Stevens

Senior Elite Award Winners

Players choice MVP Magnus Kinne
Offensive MVP Jesper Jørgensen
Defensive MVP Eivind Rølles
Rookie of the year Vidar Gjermstad
Special teams Vegard Tysse
Linemen of the year Stian Klyve


Viking of the year

Viking of the year 2018 Vilhelm Lae


We would like to congratulate all of these talented award winners on an amazing year!


Honoring our U 15 National Championship team


Its no secret that these players, coaches and teams would not have the success they had without the help our our 2018 team managers. The ladies put in countless hours of hard work behind the scenes so our teams can function the way they do.




2018 Team Managers

U 13 Carina Nilstun
U 15 Caroline Wendelborg & Jeanett Kråkmo
U 17 Lotta Begby
U 19 Lotta Begby
Seniors Kari Anne Ladderud

It has been an amazing year with a lot to be proud of. We would like to thank everyone who came out to make this wonderful  event such a success. We look forward to seeing you all back for the 2019 season for bigger and better things!



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