Finn-Jarle Mathisen

Job LB coach

My interest in American football came in High-School at Oslo Handelsgymnasium. After playing the annual football game at school we wanted this sport to grow in Norway and I was one of the co-founders of Oslo Vikings way back in 1986.

I served as a player, coach and a Boardmember for Oslo Vikings until 1993. I also served as a Boardmember I AFN (Noaff) for 2 periods.

As a player I played several positions, but Linebacker was where I had the good times. Played mainly inside linebacker for about 7 years. Due to back injury I ended my active career as Oslo Vikings Quarterback, earning the MVP in the 1992 Championship game.

As a linebacker I played ILB at the National team, and played international games at reinforced Valerenga Trolls team as they played in Europe.

At the AFN (Noaff) 20 anniversary I was voted All-Star LB and was selected as one out of two Vikings players to the AFN (Noaff) Hall of Fame as a Linebacker.

As a player and a coach I have had the privilege to experience 4 Norwegians championship Trophies, and 7 silver medals.

As a coach my knowledge and passion lies in the position close to my heart – Linebacker. I am a certified “Trener 1” coach educated trough AFN and I have been coaching the Oslo Vikings seniors since 2007 under 3 different Head Coaches. My goal as a coach is that Oslo Vikings have the best Linebacker unit in Norway. The boys in the unit make my goal both extremely fun and “easy”.