Petter Vogt

Job Strength and conditioning

I’ve been around football since the late 90’s, when I started playing, for the now folded Baerum Blue Devils. My career has seen me play for two teams in Norway and an other two in the Queensland league in Australia. Though my playing days was great fun, I was lucky enough to be accepted as an Intern with Stanford Football after I graduated University with a degree in Sports & Industry majoring in Sports & Exercise Science.

Working under maestro Coach Shannon Turley (Kissick Family Director of Football Sports Performance), and his senior assistants Coach Straub and Coach Sacuskie I started to understand how an athlete is built. And more importantly, what it takes to become a football player.
The philosophy enforced in Palo Alto has shown great promise and is the also the philosophy I build my program off of. Where Injury prevention comes first and performance enhancement second, no one ever won anything from the IR list.
Having only worked with football in Norway for a year through National Team programming, I look forward to working hands on with the Vikings week in & out. Not only with the seniors but also with youth coaches and building the program.

I look forward to seeing you at Frogner this season,
Get loud and cheer the team to W’s.