Vikings Abroad, feature on Aksel Turk


From Oslo, Norway to Chadron, Nebraska. A big man doing big things!


We got a chance to catch up with OT, Aksel Turk. Aksel started his football career with the Oslo Vikings in our U15 program. Since then Aksel has been playing high school and college football in the United States. Here is what he had to say!




Where are you in the world right now?
I am currently living in Chadron, Nebraska, USA. I am attending Chadron State College. It is a NCAA
Division II university.

Are you playing football for the school you are attending? If so, what position are you
Yes, I play offensive tackle.

Is there a large football culture where you are now?
Yes. Despite the school being quite small and D2, there is still a large football culture at the college
and in the town. The town in which I live is pretty small, but there is definitely a strong football

Has football enabled you to acclimate to your new home easier?
I think so. One of the great things with playing college football is instantly getting to know 100+
teammates, which makes the social aspect of moving to a new place much easier. It is also cool to be
recognized for being on the football team around the town.

What have you learned as a Vikings player that has translated to your new football team?
Has being a Viking prepared you for your collegiate career?
I think so. I think the thing that helped me the most from playing for OV was already knowing all the
terminology and also being used to the game. I think that really helped me acclimate to college

What are some similarities between playing in Oslo and playing where you currently are?
Well, it’s the same sport, but there are some similarities in practice in regards to drills and how the
practice is set up. We also have a team meal before games, which I remember we did with the

What are some differences?
I’d say the main difference, especially in college, is the amount of time that goes into the sport.
When we are in season, we spend an average of 4 hours a day in meetings, lifting weights, or
practicing every day, and then playing on Saturdays.


What are your goals in regards to football?
My goal right now is to work to become a starter on the team. That involves gaining weight and
getting stronger!

Do you have a “favorite football highlight” so far from your college team? If so, what is it?
I think offensive line is probably the position group with the least glamorous highlights, but if I
where to think of some, there is nothing like laying some poor safety out on a screen.

For those who are not too familiar with the specific positions in football, offensive tackle represents
the edge of the offensive line. Their job is to protect the quarterback while he passes the ball and to
open lanes for running backs as they rush down the field.


On behalf of the entire Oslo Vikings organization, we would like to wish Aksel all the best in his future academics and football plans.