Vikings Abroad! Spotlight on Magnus Meyer


We at the Oslo Vikings would like to introduce a new segment regarding the many young Viking players that are pursuing their football aspirations abroad.

The first person we would like to introduce is a young man who exhibits a great many of the core Viking qualities. His commitment to the sport has extended to coaching as well as playing and we are very proud of the path he is on today.



Magnus Meyer

Where are you in the world right now?

I’m currently attending North Central College in Naperville, Illinois as a student and a football player. I’m playing as a kicker for the school team, North Central Cardinals.

How big is the football culture where you are now?

It is as big as most places in the States, but not like how it was when I lived in Texas.

Has football enabled you to acclimate to your new home easier?

Football has however definetely enabled me to acclimate to my new home. When you get as close to people as you do on this team, you make friends very easily. Plus, this is a great group of players who just want to be great. Something I love about them. Probably the best thing is how humble everyone on the team is about being on such a high level.


What have you learned as a Vikings player that has translated to your new football team?

I learned so much as a Vikings player that has translated to me as a Cardinal. If I was to point out one attribute, it would have to be the winning mindset. Just as in the Vikings organization, we Cardinals refuse to lose!

What are some similarities between playing in Oslo and playing where you currently are?

The biggest similarity is definetely that once the whistle goes, it´s you and your teammates just wanting to make a play as a unit. Another similarity is how close you get with your teammates. I’m still in contact with teammates back home, and the friendships we made within the Oslo Vikings will probably last a lifetime.

What are some differences?

I believe one of the biggest differences is the expectations of my coaches and my teammates. I think they expect more of me over here, something I like because it pushes me to reach new heights.



What are your goals in regards to football?

My goals in regards to football is to become the best kicker in Cardinal history. I know that this is an enormous task, and that I’m not even close at this point, but that just motivates me to work more.