Vikings sign coach Nicolay Knutsen for the 2018 season


The Oslo Vikings have signed a big piece of their puzzle for the 2018 season.

Today we are happy to announce the signing of coach Nicolay Knutsen for a 1 year contract extension. Coach Knutsen has been a long time member of the Oslo Vikings. Nicolay joined the Vikings starting as a player in 2001. In 2010 Nicolay began his coaching career along side with continuing to play for the Vikings senior team. Over the past 3 years Nicolay has been a member of the Oslo Vikings Senior elite staff. In 2016 he was the clubs defensive backs coach. In 2017, he then became the clubs defensive coordinator and also being the clubs U 17 head coach. In 2018 he will now remain the Vikings defensive coordinator and assume roles as the U 17 head coach and help assist and coordinate on our U 15, U 19 and 2nd division men’s teams.


nico flag

Norway 2017 Flag football National team.


Coach Nicolay has been focused and passionate about coaching for many years now. His work has not gone unnoticed by not only the Vikings. Last year Nicolay was named defensive coordinator of the Norwegian men’s flag team who went on to compete in Denmark at the European championships. Following that he was named the U 17 national teams defensive coordinator for the U 17 Nordic championships also held in Denmark.

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This January coach Knutsen was invited to take part in being a coach representing Norway for the 2018 U 19 Nordic team. This team was comprised of players and coaches from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. They joined together for a week of practice in Dallas Texas and went on to play against the U.S.A in the home of the NFL team the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T stadium.


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Here are comments from Oslo Vikings Athletic Director and Head coach Derek Mann:


Landing Nicolay for another season is a huge step to our continued success as a club. You always want someone who is not just passionate for the sport but also shares the same passion for the club in general. Nicolay bleeds red and white, he is a true Oslo Viking. His football IQ is through the roof and always continues to strive to gain more knowledge anyway he can. Nicolay has been and  will continue to be a huge part of the development of our young and older players. The kids love to play for him and the men respect  and learn from him. We as a club are very much looking forward to another great year ahead and are extremely excited to have Nicolay be apart of that.


Here are comments from coach Nicolay Knutsen about his recent signing:


I’m very happy and appreciative about what this contract means. I`m honored that the club puts its trust in me and the work i do. I’m very excited to get to work with our future and the foundation of our program on our junior level. Being in a position where you can take part in shaping young guys to to become fine young men. And be able to provide tools to guys that are dedicated to this amazing sport. And be able to follow it all the way up to the spearhead at the Elite team.  I get to work with some of the best and brightest staff and continue to develop my craft. But most of all i get to do what i love, with a program i believe in.

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Photo Credit: Henning Ringlund