2016 League Champions! Vikings Elite End Regular Season as 2016 League Champions!

2016 Champions
O-line has stepped up greatly! Giving #18 Dustin Hawke more time and the RB's room to work.

O-line has stepped up greatly! Giving #18 Dustin Hawke more time and the RB’s room to work.

In another rollercoaster of a season, Vikings fight back after a disappointing 0-2 start. 4 straight wins and a team that has faced divercity, dugnader and a lot of injuries comes out on top.

In powerful demonstrations against 1814s and Trolls on foreign turf. Vikings rolls into play offs as no1 seed and homefield advantage in the semifinals.

Its been a while since Vikings beat 1814s on home turf. With really narrow losses in past years, it was only fitting that the chips fell down on our side in our jubileum season.

Vikings defence played a solid game and shut down most of 1814s powerful running game. Offence played a well balanced game, distributing the ball between air and ground.

This game paved the way for the Oslo Vikings to be masters of their own fate with a win over town rivals Trolls in the next game.

A great day for football followed 12th of June at Jordal Stadium with Trolls coming out in throwback uniforms from the really early days to honour their veteran players.

#7 Vegard Tysse had a great day with 31 points.

#7 Vegard Tysse had a great day with 31 points.

Vikings came out firing on both sylinders and a succesfull onside kick. QB Dustin Hawke and offencive coordinator, Derek Mann, wasted no time and rolled into the endzone with a 30 yard touchdown pass to #8 Pål Wulf for an early lead. Trolls responded with their best drive of the day but came up short aganst an aggressive Vikings defence. Running back Vegard Tysse#7, behind a solid Vikings O line, had an incredible day. Racking up 31 points on the ground, extra points and field goal. Eric Ford#5, coming back from injuries, also got his TD on a short swing pass for 30+ yards.

The berserks will have 14 days to prepare for the semifinals at Frogner Stadium 26th of june. Make sure you take the trip. Its gonna be another banger at the alwayz sunny and vibrating Frogner Stadium.

Stay tuned, fans and bring your support.

Touchdown!!! ?? Pass from #18 Dustin Hawke to #8 Pål Wulff. Video by @ingrikj

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