IMG_6224 Rent Idrettsdlag

As a member of the Oslo Vikings, all active players from 15 years old to Senior level must complete a course and an earn the diploma “Ren Utøver” issued by Anti-Doping Norway (include a link here).

The Oslo Vikings continuously work to educate our members by teaching the risks and hazards of using prohibited substances. The club has a strict anti-doping policy and our Oslo Viking’s anti-doping program has earned the club the title “Rent Idrettslag”.

We take our anti-doping work seriously and are committed to continuously develop how to communicate with our members and provide access to timely information in the best way possible.

Member-athletes that test positive can be banned for life, depending on the severeness of the offence.

For further information, please contact Coach Finn-Jarle L. Mathisen, Head of Anti-Doping, Oslo Vikings (


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