The “OV Youth Fund” is a newly created endowment vehicle set-up to financially support the long-term pursuit of the Oslo Viking’s Mission. To ensure the sustainability of the fund, only interest returns and/or capital gains will be applied to support the fund’s underlying programs.


Within a five-year time frame, the OV organization aims to begin generating direct impact by appropriating financial returns from donations in the Youth Fund. The long-term vision for the fund is to support our Mission by deploying funds across three programs: (1) Membership Fee Sponsorship, (2) Annual Awarded Camp Sponsorship, and (3) College Scholarship


Membership Fee Sponsorship

A sponsorship program for players below Senior-level with difficulties affording annual membership fees. Funds will be deployed on a need-base only and are subject to approval of the OV Fund Committee.

The goal is to launch this program within the next 5 years.

Annual Awarded Camp Sponsorship

An annual award for a player that exemplifies the Oslo Vikings Values and demonstrates leadership excellence within the club and community. An interested player will be nominated and chosen annually by the OV Fund Committee to attend a football camp, all expenses- paid, in the United States to gain greater training and exposure.

The goal is to launch this program within the next 10 years.

College Scholarship Awards

An award for a player that has exemplified the Oslo Vikings Values and demonstrated leadership excellence within the club and community for the entirety of their playing career with the Vikings. The player is pursuing a college education in the USA whilst continuing their football career at the NCAA Division I, II, or III level. Subject to available funds, interested players will apply and by the OV Fund Committee.

The goal is to launch this program within the next 15 years.


As of January, 2016.


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