Q&A with Quarterback, Dustin Hawke

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We sat down with our import player and asked him some questions about his experience with the team. Here is what he had to say.

You’ve been with the Vikings for a few months now, how has your experience been so far? Has it been aligned with your expectations?
I’ve had high expectations coming into this season and joining the Vikings. Everything so far has exceeded those expectations; however, we have lots of work to do on the football end to be where we want to be come April 24th. We have a squad ready to complete at the highest level and we’re working hard.


Dustin Hawke throwing a touchdown from our friendly game against Elmshorn Fighting Pirates. Photo by Elmshorn Yellow Press.

How have you experienced the transition thus far?
The guys are more than awesome and really amazing people as I gradually get to know everybody individually. The guys have embraced me and taken me in through this transition and I couldn’t be more grateful. The coaching staff, players and board have made me feel more than at home and that in turn allows me to focus on just football and trying to do everything I can to help make our TEAM better.

What do you think is most important for the team going forward?
I think the most important aspect moving forward with the elite TEAM is making sure we’re paying attention to the details and forcing ourselves to be disciplined in our pursuit of success. In terms of the U17 program, I feel that we need to tighten up certain things and really motivate these young guys to understand that success in this game doesn’t just happen through talent, it takes hard work to mold that talent for success to be achieved.